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Not only can visitors taste the Hungarikum, but they can also buy it before going back home.

At Heinemann's Duty Free Skycourt shop at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, they can not only taste the Hungarian drink, but also buy it before they return home. Tens of thousands of people depart and arrive daily through the busy airport, making it an ideal place for travellers to get to know and taste Hungary’s national drink.

At the tasting counter you can taste four different flavors

During the campaign, which runs until March 31, 2023, visitors passing through the duty-free zone of Liszt Ferenc International Airport will be able to taste Hungary's liveliest drink over four weekends.


The aim of the promotion is to give the travelling public the opportunity to get to know, taste and, if they wish, buy our national drink. At the tasting counter, passers-by will be able to taste four different flavors and, if they feel like it, buy a few bottles as souvenirs or even for themselves.

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