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Homokháti (Sand Back) Peach Pálinka -  Another Hungarian regional pálinka granted EU protection.

The microclimate of the Homokhátság (Sand Backs) is extremely continental with hot, dry, droughty summers and high daily temperature fluctuations during the ripening season. This microclimate has the most hours of sunshine in the country (over 2600 hours).The European Commission's decision of March 7, 2022 has granted EU protection to the name Homokháti (Sand Back) Peach Pálinka, bringing the number of EU-protected geographical indications to 79 as a result of the Ministry of Agriculture's Geographical Indications programme: 28 food, 38 wine and 13 pálinka names are protected in the EU, the Ministry of Agriculture told MTI on Monday.

The Homokháti peach pálinka can be produced in commercial pálinka distilleries in specific settlements in the southern part of the Homokhátság, west city of Szeged, exclusively from peaches from this area.

Peaches on the tree grown in the Homokhati (Sand Back) microclimate of Hungary

The close link with the geographical area is due to the mica-rich sandy soil and climate of the area. The hot, dry, arid summers, the high number of sunny hours and the high daily temperature fluctuations, together with the soil conditions, make the peaches grown in the Sandy Plain sweet and juicy. The small-calorie distillation technology applied provides this special pálinka a distinctive character with these rich aromas from the ripe native peaches. As a result, the flavor of the Homokháti peach pálinka is full-bodied, with a characterful light astringency, but at the same time with a restrained perfume and discreet aroma, as the release explains.

Homokháti peach pálinka can only be produced within the administrative boundaries of the following municipalities: Mórahalom, Ásotthalom, Domaszék, Zákányszék, Ruzsa, Öttömös, Pusztamérges, Üllés, Bordány, Forráskút, Zsombó, Szatymaz, Kelebia, Balotaszállás. It may only be mashed, fermented, distilled and rested in the commercial distilleries that are located in this geographical area.

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