How Much Fruit Is Used To Make Pálinka?

Making true pálinka requires a lot of perfect ripe fruit.

Pálinka is not vodka or whiskey and it takes huge amounts of pure ripe fruit to make it. One other incomparable attribute of real pálinka – besides the fact that it’s made out of pure fruit – is the sheer amount of fruit that is used to create it.

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While traditional liquors, like vodka or whiskey, use grains, potato, corn or other cereal ingredients, pálinka is made out of 10, 20 and, with certain fruit types, even as much as 50 times the amount of ripe perfect fruit. Below is a breakdown of how much of the listed fruit it takes to make just 1 liter of true pálinka.

  • 1 liter strawberry pálinka requires 44lb fruit
  • 1 liter sour cherry pálinka requires 26lb fruit
  • 1 liter apple pálinka requires 25lb fruit
  • 1 liter rowanberry pálinka requires 90lb fruit
  • 1 liter pear pálinka requires 29lb fruit
  • 1 liter quince pálinka requires 35lb fruit
  • 1 liter raspberry pálinka requires 45lb fruit
  • 1 liter elderberry pálinka requires 58lb fruit
  • 1 liter plum pálinka requires 25lb fruit
  • 1 liter blackberry pálinka requires 35lb fruit
  • 1 liter blackcurrant pálinka requires 30lb fruit
  • 1 liter redcurrant pálinka requires 45lb fruit

Again, pálinka is not vodka, whiskey, or even “Hungarian fruit brandy” as it’s sometimes erroneously referred to.

Pálinka is ...pálinka.

Pálinka is a totally unique, aromatic and flavorful strong fruit spirit not found anywhere else.

The whole process is manual in nature from start to finish.  The fruit used is first picked by hand and then is meticulously washed and processed to get it ready to use as the base ingredient. The taste and aroma of true pálinka is therefore unmistakable

Pálinka is a Hungarian classic and popular spirit, much loved by Hungarians and, actually, by anyone who has ever tasted true high-quality pálinka.  So popular in fact, that it’s uncommon for any Hungarian household not to have a bottle or two on hand. It’s considered a big part of Hungarian culture and if you ever visit Hungary, chances are, you’ll be offered some by the locals very soon after you arrive — no matter what part of the country you’re in. Or what part of the day it is when you arrive.

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