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Jonathan Apple  - in its liquid form  - triumphs at the Annual National Pálinka Competition in Nyíregyháza

The prizes of the 2021 competition were awarded at an event held in the Hungarian Parliament. Best of Competition Prize was awarded Varda’s Jonathan Apple Pálinka. The first place among the over 10,000 bottles that entered the competition was awarded to the Bolyhos Bedded Gypsy Sour Cherry Pálinka, while the Most Successful Distillery Award went to Gong Pálinkaház. Márton Lakatos, József Papp and József Somogyi received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

As for the Exclusive Jonathan Alma pálinka with 40% alcohol content of the 2019 vintage, which won the title of Hungary's Best Pálinka 2021, the outstanding achievement was praised by the professional chairman of the jury, Géza Béli. An extraordinary demonstration of successfully combining the quality of the raw material and the unparalleled expertise of the master brewer. This premium product perfectly captures the main characteristics of the native fruit variety, its unique flavor, based above all on the unparalleled harmony of sweet and sour taste.

The aroma is reminiscent of spring apple blossom’s fresh, lively and lightly perfumed scents. On the palate, the slight waxiness of the red peel of the fruit, combined with cinnamon and vanilla spices, creates a rounded aroma. Despite its silky lightness the long finish leaves a deep, lingering impression on the palate. Thrillingly beautiful and unmistakably fruity while elegantly captivates our senses.

Nothing justifies the outstanding success of Várda Drink better than the fact that another eight of its pálinka entries have been awarded gold medals, including one Champion (the 2018 42% Exclusive Beszterce Plum Pálinka) and three other of its entered samples have been awarded silver medals.

Zsindelyes Pálinka Distillery has also achieved great success, with one of their two gold medals (the 2019 vintage, 40% alcohol Blackberry Pálinka) winning a Champion award and The Distillery of Érpatak also winning 3 silver medals. The Gulácsi Pálinka House won a silver medal. 

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