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The 2022 Hungarian Pálinka Conference was organized on 13 May, 2022 with a rich programme.

The occasion of the event is the tenth anniversary of the Master of Pálinka training at the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE) Buda Campus. The related academic know-how of the departments and experts involved in the training will be available to all interested parties.

Pálinka has come a long way in recent decades. Its importance as the number one Hungarikum is paramount, and its fate is a shared national responsibility.

In 2012, the Master of Pálinka Engineer and Specialist Adviser course was launched, which is still the only higher education course for professionals specifically dedicated to pálinka.

In addition to education, the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences also places great emphasis on supporting research that advances the science of pálinka making. The aim of the scientific conference, organized for the 10th anniversary, is to make the insights gained by the departments, students and professional partners working closely with the training course widely known and available.

The one-day event offered participants the latest technological developments, sensory insights, market opportunities and trends, as well as recent research into the history of Hungarian pálinka, with plenary lectures, section presentations, roundtable discussions, professional presentations and a gala dinner.

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