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Peter Mag, a young man from rural Hungary, started collecting his first mash a good fifteen years ago, and since then he has made forty different kinds of pálinkas. Many of his friends encouraged him, said he had a real flair for pálinka making, which is why he was inspired to make his first own. 

So far, he has made pálinka from these fruits:

From apricots: almond apricot, Pannonia apricot, Gönci apricot, Hungarian yellow apricot, from grapes: Cserszegi spicy, Irsai Olivér, Othello, fragrant Izabella, from plums: Stanley, Besztercei, President, Ringó and Debrecen muscatel. Black and red currants, gypsy sour cherries, black cherries of Érd, red cherries of Újfehértó, pears: Kieffer, summer Williams, autumn Williams and red William, and butter pears. The repertoire also includes raspberry, cherry, green pear, Golden apple, quince, quince pear, sloe pálinka. 

The young man didn't want to stick to the 'tried and tested' fruit, instead he decided to make something truly curious. Peter gave a real surprise when he came up with a rare curiosity.

“I made pálinka from a bunch of tomatoes, 1.3 liters of it. Before a beef stew, tomato pálinka whets the appetite and gives a culinary experience”

- the young man told the portal.

Peter also plans to brew pineapple, mandarin and blood orange distillates. (according to the regulation, when fruits used that are not grown and native to Hungary, the spirit may not be labeled as “pálinka” only as “distillate”) 

  • Vegetable distillates

He will try his hand at hawthorn this year, and next year he will try black mulberries. The year before last, the latter made the pálinka of the year, and he is keen to see what he can make from this fruit.


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