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Cultural Association of Onga - Qunitessence Pálinka Competitions

quin·tes·sence /ˌkwinˈtesəns/ noun 1. the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class
Quintessence Pálinka Competition trophy
Quintessence Pálinka Competition 2016. Source:

The Cultural Association Onga was founded on 25 February 1999. Since its foundation, the Association has been seeking points of reference for respect for the Hungarian cultural heritage, ancestors, , local traditions and cultural values. For years, The Cultural Association Onga has attached great importance to the cultural history of Hungarian pálinka. In this context, the Association has, among many other initiatives, created a unique national collection of pálinka glasses in the Darvas Community House and Museum in Onga, organised an exhibition on the history of County Archives, organised lectures, training courses in pálinka competitions, judging and appreciation, published a series of articles on the history of the Hungarian Pálinka Culture in the local newspaper and on the Internet. 

Hungarian folk dancers
Pálinka Museum and Farmers' Market Opening - 2020
Folk dancers in Hungary

The Association is also the initiator and organizer of the Onga Pálinka Competition, which has grown into one of the largest national pálinka competitions in the country; the Quintessence Competition. 

In addition, the Cultural Association of Onga has created and runs the Onga Fruit Bank and “Tankert “ (Learning Orchards) programme, and is the initiator and organizer of the local native fruit competition.

The Association holds exemplary civil relations with Hungarian organizations in Historical Upland and Transcarpathia.

Palinka Competition opening
Pálinka Museum and Farmers' Market Opening - 2020
National palinka competition opening

2021 Quintessence Pálinka Competition Winner:

  • Best commercial distillery and winner of the competition: 1 Csepp Pálinka Distillery

Awarding the competition winner
Winner of Best Commercial Distillery: 1 Csepp Distillery 
Awarding the winner of the competition


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