Discover the Fascinating History of Pálinka, Hungary’s Beloved Spirit

Pálinka, the beloved fruit spirit, is an important part of Hungary's culture and heritage. Its history goes back centuries, with its first mention in literature dating back to 1630. But did you know that pálinka was used as a medicine for different maladies in the past?

Pálinka is traditionally made from plums, cherries, grapes, pears, apples, and peaches, but it can be made out of any kind of fruit that grows in Hungary. And while many countries produce similar spirits, only Hungary and four Austrian provinces are allowed to use the name "pálinka" for this unique drink.

The term "pálinka" became part of the Hungarian language in the 17th century, and archaeologists found equipment proving that making pálinka was a separate industry in Hungary at the time. Interestingly, burnt-wine bottles of Italian origin dating back to the 13th century were found in Hungary.

This drink was called “Aqua vitae reginae Hungariae”, which means in Latin: the “Hungarian Queen’s water of life”.

In the 19th century, pálinka production grew exponentially, with over one thousand distilleries in Hungary producing it for both local consumption and export. During World War II, stricter laws were enacted, setting new standards for the production of this beloved spirit. And starting in 1990, Hungarian pálinka manufacturing facilities were renovated to meet modern standards.

Today, pálinka is Hungary's most popular alcoholic drink, aside from some excellent wines that are also unique to the country. So the next time you're in Hungary, make sure to try this delicious and historic drink!

Welcome to American Palinka Club, where we're passionate about introducing one of Hungary's best-kept secrets to the United States.

We founded this club because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience the exceptional taste of palinka, a traditional fruit spirit that's been a part of Hungarian culture for centuries.

Gary Varsanyi - Founder of American Palinka Club
Gary Varsanyi,
Founder, APC

Our mission is simple: to create a platform where Americans can learn everything about palinka and order it to be shipped straight to their homes. We've worked hard to establish strong relationships with some of the best palinka distilleries in Hungary, so that we can bring their exceptional products directly to our members.

At American Palinka Club, we want to create a bridge between the best palinka distilleries of Hungary and the American consumers who appreciate their craftsmanship. By sharing the rich history and cultural significance of this unique spirit, we hope to inspire a new generation of palinka lovers.

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