Real Pálinka is the pure fruit spirit that's 100% natural and 0% artificial.

It's like your favorite organic smoothie, but with a kick! No added sugars or artificial flavorings are allowed during the process, just perfect ripe fruit with outstanding sugar and natural yeast qualities.

3 old man drinking pálinka in rural Hungary

Only noble and wild fruits grown in Hungary can make the cut for this spirit, which preserves the ephemeral taste and aroma of the fruit for decades. And don't even think about sweetening or coloring it – that's a big no-no. With an alcoholic strength ranging between 40% ABV and 60% ABV, this drink is strictly made by authorized commercial distilleries. So, if you're looking for the real deal, look for the label that says "pálinka". Just remember, if it's not made with the best Hungarian fruit, it's just a wannabe "distillate".

  • 1 liter strawberry pálinka requires 44lb fruit
  • 1 liter sour cherry pálinka requires 26lb fruit
  • 1 liter apple pálinka requires 25lb fruit
  • 1 liter rowanberry pálinka requires 90lb fruit
  • 1 liter pear pálinka requires 29lb fruit
  • 1 liter quince pálinka requires 35lb fruit
  • 1 liter raspberry pálinka requires 45lb fruit
  • 1 liter elderberry pálinka requires 58lb fruit
  • 1 liter plum pálinka requires 25lb fruit
  • 1 liter blackberry pálinka requires 35lb fruit
  • 1 liter blackcurrant pálinka requires 30lb fruit
  • 1 liter redcurrant pálinka requires 45lb fruit

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